lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Hot sketches for hot (like in hell, damn it!) days!
Random - and not - characters... In this period I really love just the B&W... And I'm avoiding completely the computer for work (exepted for the Loki Illustration of some days ago :P).
Maybe only because I'm lazy, ahah!

Well, enjoy!

giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Yo! Long time no see!
I was away for work during this last time but here I am again :)
Here a small illustration, maybe the start of a project with this kind of style (very minimal, as you can see)... Who knows. I've started this one before leaving, and I've finished this right now. It's quite different as I thought in my mind at the beginning... I've to find the best graphic solution yet :)
Enjoy and stay tuned!

sabato 8 giugno 2013


Raaandom doodle.
Rough paper, a pencil and Copic.

Dudelange/Luxembourg: let's do graffiti!

Hello, there!
Here some pics from my journey in Luxembourg, last week.
I was there for an European Project called "Voices of the Streets" by the Youth in Action organization and I've had the pleasure to have workshops about graffiti with the amazing TeoSon (
It was reeeally an awesome week! And in the last picture you can see a sketch made by me and a Teo's graff and I think that's pretty cool ;)